Theme: Free

Our year at-a-glance for Preschool using the Theme: Free

This curriculum using the theme: free is suitable for Sunday School or Homeschool.  Will update with links as we go!  Enjoy.

We are Free to Eat & Play…
as long as we follow the rules!

Bible Story:  Adam/Eve
Tree of Life
Craft:  Fall Apple Prints

Easy Apple Prints for Toddlers

Snack:  Apples & Pretzels

We are Free to Care for the Animals
Bible Story:  Noah’s Ark
Craft:  Coloring Mural
Snack:  Animal Crackers

We are Free to Trust in God
Bible Story:  Abraham
Craft: Stick Stars
Snack:  Star Shaped   PB & J’s

We are Free to Forgive Others
Bible Story:  Joseph
Craft:  Coat of many colors
Snack:  Rainbow Fruit

We are Free Indeed
Bible Story:  Moses
Moses and the Red Sea Paper Craft
Blue Jell-o Cups
w/ Crackers and/or Fruit

We are Free to Believe
Messiah (Jesus) is Coming!
Craft:  T- Paper Roll Scrolls
Angel Food Cake (Cupcakes)

We are Free to Obey
Bible Story:  Joshua
Walls of Jericho
Graham Crackers (or any square cracker) & Frost

We are Free to Be Courageous
Bible Story:  David
Rock Painting
Grapes (Stones)
Y- Breadsticks

We are Free to Pray
Bible Story:  Daniel
Lion craft
Lion made of a pear half, oranges & raisins

We are Free from Fear of the Dark
Bible Story:  Jesus is the Light of the World (John 8)
Ice cream cones w/popcorn

We are free from not knowing Truth
Bible Story:  Jesus is Truth
(John 14)
Bible Bookmarks
Fig Newton “Bibles”

We are free from sin
Bible Story:  Jesus sets the captives Free
(Luke 4)

We are free from Death
Bible Story:  The Resurrection
Clay Dough
Empty Tombs
Cereal Bags

We are Free to Serve Others
Bible Story:  Excerpts from the Book of Acts
Helping Hands
Cookies : 1 to eat, 1 to share

We are Free to Love others
Bible Story:  Excerpts from the Letters of Paul
Heart Collage
Heart Shaped Waffles & Fruit

We are Free to Worship God
Bible Story:  Revelation Song
End of Year Party

Each week will provide 1 additional coloring page relating to Bible story.  Prayer of Thanksgiving before snack.

School Year Craft Supply List
Popsicle Sticks
Construction Paper
Washable Paint & Paintbrushes
Key Chains


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