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I wanted to make this free e-book record keeping public to you all.  I have been making this collection of forms for homeschooling.   As you know, it is a lot easier now to just use these forms instead of making everything from scratch.    I hope it will help you with your homeschool record keeping.   And it can be used with any age students through high school.   Tailor the forms to suit your needs.  Examples are included.

Some of the forms included are: chore charts, grading guidelines, report card templates, activity logs, test grade logs, vocational/volunteer experience logs, and bibliographies.

In addition, I have found the state of Maine’s homeschool organization portfolio packet.  Even if this is not required in your state, many of the forms will be helpful .   Access it by clicking on “Complete Portfolio Review Packet” on the webpage below:

Almost every state has their own regulations.   I encourage you to become familiar with your own state’s requirements.  Because homeschool records become even more important in the high school years.  Especially relevant is HSLDA’s guide at:

Finally, if you need any more blank forms, or would like something tailored to your state’s requirements, please let me know!

Also, here it is.   First of all, a Free E-Book Record Keeping!

Click below to download the pdf files:

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    1. We are done when we have completed a minimum of 180 days of school. Then we rest! We keep doing math one worksheet a day through a summer, and of course I encourage reading books through the summer!

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