Free E-Book Record Keeping

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I wanted to make this free e-book record keeping public to you all.  I have been making this collection of forms for homeschooling.   As you know, it is a lot easier now to just use these forms instead of making everything from scratch.    I hope it will help you with your homeschool record keeping.   And it can be used with any age students through high school.   Tailor the forms to suit your needs.  Examples are included.

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How I Schedule Homeschool/ Ecclesiastes 3 Homeschool Version


 Check out this post for how I Schedule Homeschool  &

for the Ecclesiastes 3 Homeschool Version.  

Schedules….a homeschooler’s best friend or worst enemy?

The answer to that question is….both!     How I find time to be able to do music lessons, art lessons, work, etc.  depends on how flexible the schedule is.   So flexibility is difficult for me, but essential.

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