Why should students learn the Hebrew language?  Read the introduction to my new book!:

I feel that my students learning the Hebrew language is important because it is the original language of the Bible. Seminary students (those studying to become pastors, priests, etc.) take  courses in Hebrew.  My goal is to read and understand the Bible in its original language.   I hope to understand all the meanings that were intended. This is my hope for my students as well.

Many colleges and universities require foreign language study. While I do not claim that this course fulfills that requirement, it is a starting point. The Hebrew language is the only language that for thousands of years was a ‘dead’ language (not the official language of any recognized country), but has now been revived to be the official language of Israel.

And in addition to studying the Hebrew language, I wanted a place for my students to record their thoughts, sketches, and prayers.    This is similar to journaling.  This really helps visual students:  see my blog post on learning styles: https://www.homeschoolinghope.com/square-pegs-round-holes/

Students can use the book to look back on what they have learned.  The students will be able to see how those prayers were answered! Finally, I also wanted them to have a place to do scripture copywork,  and to help them with memorizing (as well as spelling and grammar, I hope!)

here’s the link to the book now available on amazon:
The Hebrew Handbook
Blessings on your studies.

“Keep persisting in prayer, staying alert in it and being thankful” Colossians 3:2

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