Free E-Book Record Keeping

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I wanted to make this free e-book record keeping public to you all.  I have been making this collection of forms for homeschooling.   As you know, it is a lot easier now to just use these forms instead of making everything from scratch.    I hope it will help you with your homeschool record keeping.   And it can be used with any age students through high school.   Tailor the forms to suit your needs.  Examples are included.

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Theme: Free

Our year at-a-glance for Preschool using the Theme: Free

This curriculum using the theme: free is suitable for Sunday School or Homeschool.  Will update with links as we go!  Enjoy.

We are Free to Eat & Play…
as long as we follow the rules!

Bible Story:  Adam/Eve
Tree of Life
Craft:  Fall Apple Prints

Easy Apple Prints for Toddlers

Snack:  Apples & Pretzels

We are Free to Care for the Animals
Bible Story:  Noah’s Ark
Craft:  Coloring Mural
Snack:  Animal Crackers

We are Free to Trust in God
Bible Story:  Abraham
Craft: Stick Stars
Snack:  Star Shaped   PB & J’s

We are Free to Forgive Others
Bible Story:  Joseph
Craft:  Coat of many colors
Snack:  Rainbow Fruit

We are Free Indeed
Bible Story:  Moses
Moses and the Red Sea Paper Craft
Blue Jell-o Cups
w/ Crackers and/or Fruit

We are Free to Believe
Messiah (Jesus) is Coming!
Craft:  T- Paper Roll Scrolls
Angel Food Cake (Cupcakes)

We are Free to Obey
Bible Story:  Joshua
Walls of Jericho
Graham Crackers (or any square cracker) & Frost

We are Free to Be Courageous
Bible Story:  David
Rock Painting
Grapes (Stones)
Y- Breadsticks

We are Free to Pray
Bible Story:  Daniel
Lion craft
Lion made of a pear half, oranges & raisins

We are Free from Fear of the Dark
Bible Story:  Jesus is the Light of the World (John 8)
Ice cream cones w/popcorn

We are free from not knowing Truth
Bible Story:  Jesus is Truth
(John 14)
Bible Bookmarks
Fig Newton “Bibles”

We are free from sin
Bible Story:  Jesus sets the captives Free
(Luke 4)

We are free from Death
Bible Story:  The Resurrection
Clay Dough
Empty Tombs
Cereal Bags

We are Free to Serve Others
Bible Story:  Excerpts from the Book of Acts
Helping Hands
Cookies : 1 to eat, 1 to share

We are Free to Love others
Bible Story:  Excerpts from the Letters of Paul
Heart Collage
Heart Shaped Waffles & Fruit

We are Free to Worship God
Bible Story:  Revelation Song
End of Year Party

Each week will provide 1 additional coloring page relating to Bible story.  Prayer of Thanksgiving before snack.

School Year Craft Supply List
Popsicle Sticks
Construction Paper
Washable Paint & Paintbrushes
Key Chains


The “Home” in Homeschooling?!

I asked my daughter the artist to draw this home flying away in a tornado.

The reason I asked her to draw it was I was thinking of the scene from (again) The Wizard of Oz.   We are currently in the process of selling our home for about the sixth time.

Real Estate deals can get messy…and this one is literally, not just metaphorically!

It feels like our home is flying away like the one in the picture.   Our stuff is going into storage and our future address is …unknown.     Which is of course the scariest part.    What does this have to do with homeschooling though?

I will be sad to say good-bye to my homeschool ‘classroom’ (a folding table in the breakfast nook).  I am worried about all my books which are going into storage (because WHAT IF I NEED THEM?!)  But mostly I am worried about HOW will I homeschool without a home?!

I guess I have to re-define home…..the saying that comes to mind is the tried and true…”home is where your heart is….”  So where is my heart?

Jesus said in Matthew 6:21,  “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”   Uh oh.   It sounds like my heart is ….in the house.   I want my heart to be with the real treasure….

My children are the best treasures God has given me….and thankfully I don’t have to leave them behind!   As long as we are together we will be learning…and that’s the heart of  homeschooling!